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Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group

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The Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group originally began as the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Study Group on July 12, 1985. The first meeting was hosted by Don Keating of Newcomerstown, Ohio and a then resident of Weston, W.Va. Since that first meeting, over 5,000 people have attended the over 175 meetings, all of which have taken place in Newcomerstown.¹

This organization is noteworthy because of the involvement of key Bigfoot-research personality Don Keating. He founded the group after investigating an Ohio case in September 1985. "I was about four miles south of Newcomerstown," Keating said. "Then I saw some movement in some goldenrod weeds." Keating said he saw a 9 foot, light-colored creature slowly walk through the weeds. "It walked to within 35 feet of me," Keating said. "It stopped and walked away twice as fast as it had come down the hill. I had a camera hanging around my neck and I never thought to take a picture."²


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