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Ufology (or UFOlogy) is a neologism describing the collective efforts of those who study UFO reports and associated evidence. While not all UFO researchers believe that all UFOs are necessarily extraterrestrial spacecraft, they do believe the area merits research and that the possibility of extraterrestrial spacecraft should be taken seriously.

As of 2000, MUFON was rightfully discouraging "careers in Ufology" as only the upper echelon of a UFO Organization may earn something that could be called an income¹. Most such organizations are volunteer-led not-for-profits. Notable exceptions include NIDS (which was underwritten by millionaire Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace), To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (underwritten by Tom Delong of Blink 182 fame² and the History Channel's purchasing of their works), and Skinwalker Ranch's new investigative team under millionaire Brandon Fugal. Some, such as Fugal himself in the case of Skinwalker Ranch, suspect the US federal government may have also subsidized these efforts³.

Authors who write popular UFO books may earn royalties, but there is a fine line between nonfiction (factual information) and creative license (fiction). Authors who attempt to straddle these literary genres, such as Whiley Streiber, generally do not have their "nonfiction" taken seriously.

Developing a Body of Knowledge

While there remain no major or certificate programs in Ufology from accredited universities, enterprising professors have begun teaching UFO-related courses. Author Jim Marrs began teaching a course on UFOs at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2000.⁸ This is believed to be the first such American course on the topic. Other college courses of note include:

Textbooks used or considered for collegiate courses


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