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Founded in 1965 and averaging 50-100 members, SKYNET was established to serve as a tracking system for UFO reports in the Los Angeles, California area. Its original purpose was to receive UFO reports at the time that witnesses were viewing the objects, thus centering their efforts on real-time viewing, photographing, monitoring, rather than relying on after-the-fact analysis.

Upon joining, members agreed to contact other SKYNET members whenever an unusual sighting is occurring for members to view, photograph and monitor the object in real-time while not having to wait for an after-the-fact presentation. This contacting of other SKYNET members that a sighting is occurring is the only obligation of members. All calls from the public received an in-depth phone interview by an assigned SKYNET official and if warranted, further field investigations were conducted.


Last Known Contact Info

Ann Druffel (Project Coordinator)

257 Sycamore Glen Pasadena, California 91105