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We are creating the world's most trusted encyclopedia and knowledge base aimed specifically at the paranormal.

If you are human and wish to join us, sign up for an account and send an email to AnomalyResponse[/at/] to ensure your account isn't mistakenly marked as spam.

WikiProject Paranormal is collaboration site for people who are interested in improving Internet coverage of anomalous phenomena and related areas, and are fed up with the yahoos at Wikipedia who all too often delete your valuable contributions. As a gift for contributing to this site, unlike Wikipedia, we won't add "nofollow" attributes on links to your source materials.

  1. We aim at reliability and quality, not just quantity.
  2. We welcome collaboration with everyone who has knowledge, broad or narrow, about any of the world's innumerable unexplained subjects.
  3. We write under our real names—and are both collegial and congenial.



Subjects covered by this project include:

WikiProject Paranormal also covers many topics which have been associated with the paranormal due to myth, legend, and popular belief, or which have involved the presence of a mystery containing paranormal parallels but which are not strictly related to the paranormal (including instances where rational explanations have been established and accepted). Examples of such topics include unexplained disappearances; selected conspiracy theories involving UFOs and/or other factors that exceed the boundaries of accepted science, such as free energy suppression; and locations or objects about which unscientific beliefs exist, such as megaliths.

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