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UFOIL Field Manual, 1979
UFOIL Field Manual, 1979
The UFO Investigators League (UFOIL) was a UFO group founded by Timothy Green Beckley in the early 1970s. They were a member of the Coalition of Concerned Ufologists and branched into state chapters.

The group re-emerged in 1990 at the following address: Box 753, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903. At this time the group was seeking to expand its international network of UFO investigators. Membership perks included a membership card, investigators certificate, field manual, and a subscription to the group's newsletter.¹


State Chapters

Kentucky (KUFOIL)

Founded by Gary Webster and Rick Ziegler in 1981. It was based out of Covington, Kentucky.³ This chapter collected monthly membership dues which mostly went to the high costs of reproductions of their field manual, which was based on the UFOIL Manual and MARCEN Manual. The group also investigated ghost Haunted House and Bigfoot sightings in addition to UFOs.⁴ A drop in reports and dwindling membership numbers resulted in the group's breakup in late 1982.⁵

Notable Cases


The earliest reference to this group places it as having a UFO hotline operating in 1973. Its Director was Charles Wilhelm and his wife Geri, and it was based out of Fairfield, Ohio. OUFOIL coordinated raw incoming data during the flap of 1973 with Leonard H. Stringfield.⁷ Ron Schaffner, publisher of the cryptozoology journal Creature Chronicles, was the Investigations Director. He joined in 1976 after finding a public service flier in a newsroom advertising the group.⁸

Notable Cases



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