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A common misconception about science is that scientists come together and vote in order to come to a consensus through some sort of democratic system. With one exception - the International Astronomical Union’s academic vote on Pluto’s planetary status - this is patently untrue.

Science is about objective results that can be reproduced when the same rigorous methods are applied under the same conditions by unrelated third parties. It also encompasses the discovery of new phenomena and species and their behavioral patterns through direct observation, the postulation of hypotheses and theories to account for these behaviors, and experiments to test these hypotheses. Personal belief systems and consensus votes have no place here.

It is with this definition of science in mind that the Anomaly Response Network has attempted to bring together the world's foremost volunteer researchers to investigate the phenomena that science has yet to be able to thoroughly explain. I encourage you to keep an open mind as you review our incoming reports of anomalies and learn from our observational and investigative methods.


Who is S. Patrick Feeney?

S. Patrick Feeney earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the nation's top undergraduate engineering university, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, in 2009 and his MBA from Wright State University in 2015. He has an international background, studying in 2007 at Fachhochschule Ulm in Germany and regularly working on multi-national teams. He currently watches the sky from his residence in Phoenix, AZ.

His lifelong interest in the paranormal led him to join the Kentucky Mutual UFO Network (KYMUFON) in 2000. After joining MUFON, Sean began to notice a disturbing trend in paranormal organizations: the overt denial of the value of youth participation in paranormal investigations. MUFON, for example, would not allow Sean to be classified as a Field Investigator even though he successfully completed the written test. They only gave him the option of turning in the test and having them hold it until he was 18 years old. The trend was not exclusive to UFO groups: several ghost groups in Ohio (the closest being in Xenia, OH at the time) also had age restrictions on investigators. In response to this denial Sean founded NKYPYG as an unofficial after-school club at his high school in the fall of 2001. Meeting in an English teacher’s classroom, Sean led a group of students in discussions about various paranormal topics. On weekends the group would have outings to haunted sites or UFO hotspots to practice field investigation techniques.

Sean began mentoring under UFO investigator Kenny Young in 2001 and continued to assist Kenny in his investigations until his death in 2005. Sean has investigated numerous claims of the paranormal in public and private sites across the nation. He has served as the Youth Programs Director for KYMUFON, Kentucky State Director for the US UFO Information and Reporting Center (USUFOIRC), and Director of NKYPYG and ARN. His online paranormal television series, Unexplained in the Tri-state, has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube and he has produced segments for the Blue Chip award-winning series UFO Update. A pioneer of lifestreaming/lifecasting, he broadcasted his ghost hunt of the Gettysburg Battlefield live in 2008 directly to YouTube.

Unexplained in the Tri-state: Haunted Parks

Episode 2 of Unexplained in the Tri-state published.

Watch now 1 Oct 2017


Records of the Ohio UFO Investigator's League are gifted to Sean.


"Tracking ghosts: Legend, mystery, folklore part of 'Ghost Walk' at ISU"

Sean is quoted in a newspaper review of the Indiana State University ghost walk.

Read more 3 May 2011

Canyon Inn, McCormick's Creek State Park

Investigated the Canyon Inn in Spencer, Indiana with guest investigator Ashley Mauk.

View highlights May 2010

Cincinnati Music Hall

Sean presented the outcome of his collaboration on a Paranormal Investigator's Code of Ethics at the first ever Queen City ParaCon and was treated to a behind the scenes tour by the late Roger Adams.

Watch the Tour 9 Apr 2010

Ohio Paranormal Convention

Sean continued along the paranormal lecture circuit to Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio. He returned again in 2010.

Watch now 14 Aug 2009

History of UFOlogy in Kentucky

Sean presented a brief history of UFOlogy in Kentucky at the first ever ComParaCon at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park in Carlisle, Kentucky.

4 Apr 2009

Paranormal Occurrences Database

The Paranormal Occurrences Database (POD) beta goes online, vastly improving and standardizing anomaly reporting.


Ghost Hunting LIVE at Gettysburg

With the advent of 3G cellular networks and devices, Sean is able to broadcast his first live, on-location ghost hunt from Gettysburg Battlefield National Park.

Watch now 11 Jul 2008

Cincinnati Ghosts

Sean and the Anomaly Response Network are mentioned in the introduction to Cincinnati Ghosts.

Read more 2008

Kenny Young Archives

Sean sifts through the digital and paper records of the late UFOlogist Kenny Young to piece together his unpublished works, UFO Dispute and UFO Frontier.

Read more 2008

Unexplained in the Tri-state: Poltergeist Investigations

Episode 1 of Unexplained in the Tri-state is featured on the YouTube homepage (prior to personalization).

Watch now Oct 2007

"Searching for signs of Rebecca"

Sean and team member Brandon Kuntz's investigation of the Tea Roses cafe in Mason, Ohio hits the front page of the local paper.

Read more 31 Oct 2006

Lucky Point, Indiana

Investigated the paranormal hotspot known as Lucky Point near Monroe City, Indiana with team member Byron Jarboe.

11 April 2006

UFO Hotspot in Bethel, Ohio

Three years before UFO hunting goes mainstream on cable television, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky cable viewers hear the strange accounts of Bethel, Ohio residents with guest investigator Donnie Blessing.

Watch now Mar 2005

"Teen fascinated by unexplained"

Sean's efforts begin to gain the attention of the local press.

Read more 26 Feb 2005


As team members grew older and the group's focus changed, the decision was made to rename the group the Anomaly Response Network (ARN).


Mid-South Paranormal Convention

Sean, Kenny Young and Donnie Blessing staff a table and collect sightings reports at the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society’s annual convention.


NKYPYG Special Report

Northern Kentucky cable viewers listen to Sean recount various local ghost stories and learn more about NKYPYG.

Watch now Oct 2002

National UFO Conference (NUFOC) @ Kings Island

Sean staffed an NKYPYG table and volunteered with the event organizers.

Sep 2002

Bigfoot Investigation

Sean and Kenny Young investigate claims of Bigfoot in Ross, Ohio with guest investigator Ron Schaffner.

Jul 2002

Alternate Realities Conference

Sean and a contingent from KYMUFON attend the USUFOIRC Alternate Realities Conference (ARC) at Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee.

22 Jun 2002

Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Sean, Kenny Young, Donnie Blessing and Bob Leibold attend Don Keating's event in Newcomerstown, Ohio and film various interviews.

6 Apr 2002

Golden Lamb Inn

Investigated the Golden Lamb Inn in Lebanon, Ohio with veteran guest investigator Gary Webster.

View highlights 2002

NKYPYG promo airs locally

Three years before ghost hunting goes mainstream on cable television, Northern Kentucky cable viewers watch Sean investigating on such shows as City Nights and The Show with David Conner.

Watch now Oct 2001

Bobby Mackie's Music World

Investigated the infamous Bobby Mackie's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky.


NKYPYG Founded

Sean founds the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Youth Group (NKYPYG) as a freshman in high school and grows the investigative team.



Carol Bieber, NKY Section Director of MUFON, invites Sean to the annual state MUFON meeting and introduces him to Kenny Young.



Records of the Kentucky UFO Investigator's League are gifted to Sean.


Clips & Series

The Team Cincinnati Music Hall Gettysburg LIVE Bethel Hotspot Unexplained Episode 1 Unexplained Episode 2

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